Euton - My Model Railway Layout

Euton - My Model Railway Layout


34092 'City of Wells' leaves Euton with a Pullman Express

Euton is my OO gauge loft layout and provides me with much of the inspiration behind the DJR Models range.

The layout consists of a 'folded figure 8' shaped double track mainline, 6 Platform Station, Large Steam MPD, Goods marshalling yard, carriage sidings and a couple of branch lines.  I have designed it for maximum playability whist trying to be as realistic as possible.


It is still very much work in proress!

Euton Station



Euton station is on a raised viaduct above the fictional town of Euton (don't ask me where the name came from it just jumped into my head years ago when I was building a lego town!)  Platform 1 & 2 are the two bay platforms that can be seen in the foreground.  Platforms 3 & 4 form the main through platforms, while 5 is a single bay and 6 is a long excursion platform with run around facilities.  As you will see from the pictures, platform 5 & 6 are yet to be constructed.

Euton MPD