Product News

Product News

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OO Gauge:

NER Snowplough - Complete & available

Clock tower - Complete & available - New resin cast model available soon!

LMS Push Pull Driving Carriage - Started, on hold while other projects are completed

LNER W1 'Hush Hush' - Ambitious future project!

Hydraulic buffer stop - Available Soon!

55 ft Turntable - Started, on hold while other projects are completed

Side Skirt & Cowcatcher Kit to suit Bachmann Class 04 - Yet to start - feasibility to be looked into

LNER J70 - Prototype Complete, Available soon

Gradient signs & Mileposts - Mould ordered an  arrived, test casting in progress

Norton-on-Tees Signal Box - Started

Steetley Hopper Wagons (Request) - Prototype to be ordered soon
Bailey Bridge (Request) - Progressing well

N Gauge

Horse Racing starting stalls - Complete & available

NER Snowplough - Started

Any ideas or requests for future models are more than welcome!